Roofing Types

Lightweight Insulated Concrete (also known as LWIC) is a material intended for use as an insulation and substrate for support and attachment of roofing membranes on slope roofs. The LWIC systems are composed of either aggregate or cellular concrete.

The largest single use for LWIC is as a roofing base and thermal insulation for industrial and commercial buildings with low slope roofs. LWIC is “non-structural” in the traditional sense. There are other forms of concrete, including “lightweight”, that are structural in nature.


  • High-wind uplift resistance.
  • Perfect for high rise and coastal buildings.
  • Best for low slope applications.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Eliminates sheet flutter and “billowing”.
  • No fastener penetration into the concrete.
  • Adhered feltback membrane minimizes substrate imperfections.

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